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We only see solutions to your IT problems

Located in the centre of Hull, we provide IT Services and consulting advice to SMEs and startups.

With over a decade of experience with in-house IT departments and Managed IT Service Providers, we have a distinct skill set that enables us to deeply understand the needs of our clients, from both a technical and non-technical point of view.

Frequently described as “not your typical IT guy”, Founder David Gilbey decided to establish the business out of the frustration he encountered with other IT providers. He felt that they were not proactive and often witnessed badly set-up systems that failed to meet the unique requirements of the companies they served.

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We’re driven by our passion to implement and manage IT solutions that truly benefit businesses.

By guiding clients through the ever-changing world of technology, we can help them to understand their own IT requirements and provide independent, genuine advice.


We strive to be the IT company with a difference.

Quickly adapting to become a trusted extension of your team, Just Gilbey Ltd works closely with you to truly understand your IT requirements. We aim to proactively enhance your IT by promptly resolving issues before they disrupt your organisation.


Genuine, friendly and honest.

We continuously strive to do what is best for our clients. Priding ourselves on being approachable and offering a personable service, we only ever recommend products and services that we trust will serve you well.

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Our Services

Computer Server Solutions

We offer a holistic IT service that supports businesses through all aspects of IT, from dealing with the technical side of installing and setting up PCs, servers, routers and firewalls to educating your team about new software, best practice and demonstrating nifty IT tricks.

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Backups & Disaster Recovery

A quality backup strategy and disaster recovery plan are essential for any business. Data loss due to theft, damage, accidental mistakes or malicious activity (such as ransomware) can be extremely detrimental to your company. By securely storing and managing multiple copies of your most important data on and offsite, your office can recover quickly if disaster does strike.

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Cloud Services

Cloud services can be incredibly powerful when used for backups, servers and other business requirements. Generally affordable and very versatile, Cloud-based technology can empower SMBs and startups to access enterprise-level, scalable functionality. Meanwhile, larger corporations can utilise the Cloud to strengthen complex compliance and auditing processes.

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IT Strategy

A clear IT strategy is as crucial as your business plan. By forming a deeper understanding of your office’s requirements and what your overarching aims are, we can design solutions that truly streamline your workflows. A virtual IT Director is assigned to each of our clients to ensure everything continues to run smoothly and according to your IT roadmap.

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