• New website launched
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  • IT – The Magic Keeping Your Business Running This Christmas
    Similar to how Santa and his elves make sure everything runs smoothly on Christmas Eve, your IT support team ensures everything runs smoothly in your business: your website, emails, network, applications, software and hardware, just to name a few.  And, while we don’t live in the North Pole, a lot of what we do is … Read more
  • Starting Out: The 3 Things You Need To Do When Setting Up A Business
    So, you’ve decided to go ahead with your brand new business idea?  How exciting!  There are three must-have things to make sure everything runs smoothly with your startup.  Buy a domain. Securing your domain name is one of the most important first steps of setting up a new business.  Your domain name is the URL … Read more
  • Starting Out: The IT That Is Worth Investing In As A Startup
    Setting up a business is a busy time, as well as a time when money seems to fly out of your pocket – insurances, equipment, overheads and travel (not to mention wages at the end of the month).  Forking out for the latest, expensive technology and software isn’t always necessary in your first few months; … Read more
  • Improve Your Video Calls in 7 Easy Steps
    Sometimes, it’s not feasible to have multiple employees or clients visiting one office to have a meeting. This is where video and conference calls come in handy; being able to discuss business from your own home, or when on-the-go, is a lot more cost-effective, time-efficient and environmentally-friendly than several individuals travelling across the country to … Read more
  • 5 Tips For Successfully Working Remotely
    Working remotely from home is on the rise, with flexi-time rising by 12.35% between 2012 and 2016. In fact, an estimated half of the UK workforce will work remotely by 2020. Working away from the office can boost productivity, allowing your team to fit their schedule around family and home life. But, there are risks … Read more
  • How To Stay Secure On Public Wi-Fi Networks
    Hands up who uses free public Wi-Fi when out and about? We do, we love a freebie!  However, public Wi-Fi is not always the most secure option. Of course, it’s great to be able to get online and not use our data, but if you’re taking your laptop to your local coffee shop, you need … Read more
  • 10 Backup Statistics Every Business Needs To Know
    We’ve rounded up a whole bunch of backup and disaster recovery statistics that highlight the importance of best practice and will hopefully motivate you to take action today, rather than putting off backing up your files until tomorrow. 3/5 of backups are incomplete and half of data restores fail. Even if you make the effort … Read more
  • Current Vacancy: IT Support Admin
    We have an exciting new role available for the right person and looking for someone that can grow with us as a company. Details of the role can be found below. To assist and work with the IT Manager on a wide range of day to day tasks and projects., ranging from: Answering both general … Read more
  • Why You Don’t Need IT Support For Your Business
    An IT company telling you that you don’t need IT support… wait, what? Hear us out… It’s a nightmare when something goes wrong with your business’ IT. Whether it’s a laptop breaking, your network going down or a lost internet connection, an unexpected problem can disrupt your day and cost you time and money. A … Read more
  • How To Create Unique, Strong Passwords You Will Remember
    When was the last time you remembered your password correctly on the first try? You probably can’t remember. We all know that we’re supposed to have long, complicated and unique passwords for each account we own. But, when the average user has around 23 online accounts that all require a password (and that number is … Read more
  • Automatically Sync Important Folders To The Cloud With New Feature
    OneDrive Known Folder Move – AKA Autosave – is a relatively new feature of Microsoft’s file hosting service but one that could make your work day a whole lot easier. This nifty tool allows you to automatically sync desktop files to the cloud, with little-to-no disruption to your team’s productivity. Most of us know the … Read more
  • How To Spot A Phishing Scam
    Phishing scams are expensive. In fact, on average, they cost SMBs $1.6 million each time.  
  • Why Managed Email Signatures Are Essential For Your Business
    Managed email signatures are pretty much essential for every business, whether you’re a startup or large corporation. They save you time, ensure consistency, look professional and allow you to quickly add marketing copy, legal requirements and disclaimers to all outbound emails. In this post, we round up some of the key benefits, as well as … Read more
  • Why Proactive IT Support Is Crucial For Your Business In 2018
    Here at Just Gilbey, we take a proactive approach to IT. But, what does this mean exactly? Well, rather than constantly fire-fighting IT issues, we work with our customers to implement long-term systems and solutions. We believe that this is the best way to ensure your business and its technology continues to run smoothly without any unexpected … Read more
  • 3 Ways To Improve Business Productivity
    A key focus for a lot of our clients is boosting office productivity. This blog is a snapshot of some of the projects we’ve completed to increase efficiency with various organisations. Regardless of the size of your business, these solutions will help your team to collaborate, communicate and get more done. Embracing Office 365. Several … Read more
  • How To Set Up and Maintain Backups
    Whether you’re a startup or global corporation, backups are an essential part of any business’ IT strategy. Creating and storing multiple copies of your data is key to preventing file loss due to device theft, malicious attacks, or even a fire or leak in your office. We understand that backups and disaster recovery can be … Read more
  • A New Look for Just Gilbey Ltd
    As you can probably tell, our brand new website went live very recently! Equipped with bright animations and plenty of space to talk about what we do, the site is everything we dreamed of and more. We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Mattix Design Ltd team, who supported us from the … Read more