Everyone wants everything to “just work”, when it does break, they want it fixing ASAP and then to not break again.

Yet when it comes to I.T. within business, a lot of companies are still “reactive” or in other words break fix as opposed to “proactive” or what most people would call Managed solutions.

Particularly in the Startup-Small/Medium business space, this is generally because they do not have the resources or it is not viable to employ their own I.T. employee, yet these are also the ones most at risk.

Lets talk about what each of these mean, specifically to I.T.

Here is a little info-graphic that highlights most of the points

Comparing managed solutions vs break-fix I.T

A lot of people and companies believe Reactive to be less expensive, especially in the short-term, however issues will continue to arise if the setup is wrong and/or the underlying issue is not rectified.

The main disadvantage is that, those underlying issues are not going to get rectified unless you pay for their time spent in doing so. This is a double edged sword because they do not know anything of your business or I.T. environment. Resolving issues will likely take twice as long as they need to, versus if they already know everything about your environment.


Twice as long (or longer) to resolve an issue not only means you are paying the support company for THEIR time, for every minute that your business is not operating correctly you are most likely losing revenue and/or wasted employee hours.

It is almost like you are paying twice.



Having a dedicated qualified I.T. person setup your I.T. systems and infrastructure. It will be setup correctly using best practices and following standards for your network. Not simply setup according to whoever setup the machine at the time, nor by a non technical person.


If a Disaster were to strike, backups and disaster recovery plans are usually included within your solution. This means that, not only is your data backed up and secure, they know the procedures needed to recover, so that when it comes to recovering from a disaster, the business can get back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.


Been able to manage and monitor critical services, servers and PC’s, this means that if anything were to fail, the service can be restarted to automatically bring the service back up without any manual intervention from anyone. If that were to fail, it can flag an alert to the Support staff so that they can begin working on the resolution, all without you having to call anyone. This means less downtime and interaction from you.


Managed I.T. solutions enables more and more businesses to not only stay online and running smoothly. Bundled services are usually part of the package, covering you for support, anti-virus, services and backups. Leaving you dealing and renewing with only 1 central supplier and not multiple. It is also easier to budget as it is generally a fixed cost unlike the erratic Reactive support.

We at Just Gilbey Ltd also like to add that extra value by trying to save you more in costs as much as possible, by being available to ask for I.T. advice, even if we are not managing that particular solution for you, we will gladly recommend if we think you are over paying for a service or one that is not needed.


Re-active Support is good for the immediate short term, it keeps things ticking over, however when you quickly consider all of the other factors, downtime, lost production/revenue etc. It very quickly adds up.

A proactive managed solution is the way to go long term, it will keep your I.T. systems running smoothly 24/7 and will save you more money than re-active support in the long run, including helping save money through other cost savings too such as productivity, efficiency, streamlining and management.