Why you should look at managed email signatures?

Frequently sending emails from your tablet or mobile phone with the default “sent from my phone?

Do each of your staff have to update their signatures themselves?

Do you need a Legal disclaimer applying to every email sent out?

Is it inconsistent between each individual with different fonts etc?

What about if you want to advertise an award or exhibition upcoming?

Then maybe you should look into managed email signatures

Managed Email Signatures

What are the benefits?

Pretty much the opposite of what is stated above, managed signatures have benefits such as;

  • Consistent signatures across the company – helping give the impression of a professional and consistent company
  • Staff can update their own contact details – Not having to contact I.T. and wait
  • Central location to update all staff signature in the company – Update signatures in 1 location
  • Legal requirements to attach disclaimer to all outbound e-mails – All outbound emails can have a disclaimer attached
  • Ability to quickly attach a marketing campaign to all outbound e-mails
  • Signatures applied to ALL E-mails sent from tablet, phone or desktop

Depending on what type of email service you are using, there are a few different products and solutions available to you. The email service I am using in this example is Office 365. A Few reasons behind this, Office 365 brings about a lot of benefits itself for businesses, it is what I use currently myself, therefore it’s easier to show examples, and the majority of businesses are currently using Exchange and/or are migrating toward Office 365.

If you are not sure how Office 365 can benefit you, then please do get in touch with us, we can tell you what will be suited towards you or check out one of my other blogs listed on this site.

Managed centrally from the cloud

Due to using Office 365, one of the solutions available lets me design/manage all of my company email signatures centrally from any computer using the web browser.

This makes it easy for a member of your staff to centrally update everyone’s email signatures, whether that staff member is from the I.T. department, Marketing or simply a designated person with access.

You can design and then also apply email signatures to any e-mail sent from within the company including emails sent from tablets and phones. This is because the signature is applied at the server level, it will apply to anything that passes through the server.

Different Signatures

You can also apply different signatures to different groups of people.

For instance you may want to have different signatures for different teams e.g. Sales Staff and All Staff

You may want all Sales Staff to have a signature highlighting the services you offer at a quick glance. Here is an example of this setup below

Signature applied to Sales people (Highlighting services)
Managed Email Signatures

Standard signature applied to everyone else
Managed Email Signatures

Set a date/time for signatures

What if you wanted a signature to run for a certain period of time and then revert back?

Well you can definitely do this, just setup the signature, apply to the groups/people and choose a specific date/time range for it to run. Once the date passes, it will automatically disable and revert back to the usual signatures.
This can be useful for running campaigns for awards or exhibitions

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If you think this may be useful for you or are interested in finding out more information. Please do get in touch and ask any question, we’ll be sure to get back to you!