Just a bit of food for thought in terms of I.T

Since moving to the C4DI building with my own startup, Just Gilbey Consulting, I have had the pleasure of working with other startups and building solid relationships with different clients, these have ranged from startups, to already established firms with 100’s of employees. During this time I’ve come across a few reoccurring issues, here are just a few tips that may or may not be useful for you to think about.


I.T Tips

When registering a domain, for either personal or business use, be sure to have it registered under your name with your own details, not the person who may be managing your domains/websites (unless agreed otherwise). If something were to happen with that person or relationship, there may be dispute about the domain’s ownership, and could cost a lot of time and money trying to ensure your domain actually belongs to you.


I.T Tips

How much is your data worth to you or your Business?

Backups are a necessity, everyone agrees on this, however merely setting the backups up and forgetting about them isn’t enough, monitoring and ensuring the backups are completing correctly are just as important, spend some time testing them to make sure the data isn’t corrupt and unrecoverable.

I’ve heard of too many situations where the backups are corrupt or not running at all and the client doesn’t realise until it comes to needing to recover, which can often be catastrophic for the business.

*Having backups does NOT mean you have a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan


I.T Tips

Business Emails

Creating a business email address when you have purchased a domain (ie name@mybusiness.com) is a fantastic idea to add credibility and authenticity to your business, rather than having a standard gmail or hotmail account. However it’s usually not worth buying cheap email that comes bundled with your hosting, as they can be notably unreliable, sometimes leaving you without email access for hours on end. Google and Microsoft have much better Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee their email servers will be live 99.9% of the time, or else you will be refunded. Spending that little bit extra for a trusted email host might just be worth it in the long run!