A quick rundown of some projects that we have completed for clients and the benefits


Improving Office Productivity

Several companies have now embraced Office 365. These companies have varied in size, from new start-ups, to established firms moving from their own, On-Premise Microsoft Exchange servers.

By moving to Office 365, they now have more consistent and guaranteed access to their mailboxes. They have also reduced costs, through consolidating the purchase of Microsoft Office Applications with the use of reliable E-mail hosting.


Improving Office Productivity

Some clients already have a vision and direction for their business and departmental processes. Collaborating, anywhere access, security and version control were some of the words described for their requirement.

After consulting, configuring and training staff on the use of SharePoint Online, the new area is now live.

Staff now always have the latest edited version of documents in and out of the office. The document owners, no-longer have to be contacted as frequently, nor keep re-sending documents. They are now going to expand on other areas in SharePoint at a later date.


Improving Office Productivity

The benefit of backups seems quite obvious so I don’t think we need to mention those, however, what ISN’T backed up? Do you know? Who checks it? What if it failed?

Several companies were under the impression that their data was safe and backed up regularly. Unfortunately this was not true, a few examples were:

  • No Backups at all
  • Backups not monitored
  • Wrong data been backed up
  • Backed up to inappropriate areas/devices

These are just a few things you should be thinking about, when you think of your own backups. We looked at what applications and data were used, then recommended and implemented a solution, affordable, yet ensured their data was safe.


Are your I.T. systems setup correctly? Is security and access restricted? How do you know? Do you have I.T. policies? Do you still need to be paying for that?

Some of the questions that you should think about. Regularly reviewing can bring about several significant savings, as technology changes so fast, so do the prices, it also makes sure that you are only paying for what you are needing.

“David helped define, develop and document our company I.T. policies, these helped form part of our larger I.T. strategy. I was very happy with the level of professionalism whilst at the same time keeping it simple and easy to understand. I look forward to working alongside Just Gilbey Ltd in the future and can recommend to anyone else for I.T. assistance and support.”

Security itself is a big one, especially with the UK Government making changes to fines for data breaches. A data breach is not restricted to outside hackers, it includes accidental loss and unauthorised access to data from within the company itself.


Improving Office Productivity

Custom business e-mail addresses are very important for your business, they give the impression that you mean business and gives your business a sense of authenticity and credibility. The same with a website and it giving you an online presence.

Collaborating opens up many opportunities.

After reaching out to a business owner who was still using @Gmail.com for his business e-mail address. He mentioned he would like a website and business cards but didn’t know how to go about this.

Happy to help from the I.T. side, with us now working in C4DI, we contacted a design freelancer that we have worked with. We could then complete the full work and act as a single point of contact for the client in question.

Now they have Office 365 on their mobile and laptop, website, domain, branding and business Cards.

If you would like to get in touch with anything I.T. related or have a question relating to anything covered in this article, please do get in touch.