This page and its links to Amazon has been setup to help businesses and individuals to self educate and order IT equipment themselves.
We will be posting videos from time to time on why we recommend these pieces of equipment and how they are to be used.

These links are direct to Amazon and therefore all shipping, purchases and everything else will be done between yourselves and Amazon directly. It is simply a way for us to show our audience the best ways of using their technology and that they can order if they so wish to.
The links will range from helping you get the best out of your home internet connection,whether that is purely for personal reasons or to help with staff working from home.

Recommended Cameras that we have used/continue to use ourselves so that we know it is reputable and a good quality picture and easy to setup.
To the more generic equipment such as; Wifi Dongles, USB Sticks, Cables and more.

We will continue adding to these links as we find it useful and get requests from clients, family and friends.

TP Link - Nano
For getting better WiFi or cable connection in other rooms around your house, this is the Nano version so it is smaller

TP Link - Passthrough
For getting better cable connection throughout your house using your electrical sockets, this has pass-through so you do not lose a socket

TP Link - Passthrough WITH Wifi
For getting WiFi and cable connection throughout your house using your electrical sockets, this has pass-through so you do not lose a socket

SanDisk 128GB USB
128GB USB 3.0, which means faster transfer speed and from a reputable vendor, watch out for less than 3.0 or fake USB Sticks (super cheap)

Seagate 6TB External USB HDD
Large HardDrive, USB3.0, Good speeds, useful for a second copy of computer files or Extra Xbox Hard Drive space

Del 24inch Monitor
24 Inch Monitor, Stylish thin bezel edges but most importantly a few different connections (HDMI, DisplayPort,VGA)

Headset MPow
A cheaper, less known brand for headsets but still offering good quality. Perfect use for all of the Video Conferences

Jabra 40 Headset
Well known brand for their audio devices and great quality, perfect for video conferences and meetings, comes with variety of connections and easy to mute desk buttons

AUKEY Webcam 1080P
Budget webcam but with just as good quality, great for testing or getting started with video conferencing or video recording

Logitech 920 HD
Very well known brand and amazing reviews, use this ourselves for our own video calls and recordings, reviews speak for itself

Microsoft UK Keyboard
Standard Wired UK Keyboard

TechKey - Wifi Dongle
Adding WiFi to your existing computer, has the drivers and installation included so that you do not need to use a CD or prior internet access